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Group Classes

Tricks Class

This class is taught by a certified trick dog instructor. Each class you will learn new tricks to use towards a Novice, Intermediate, Advanced  or expert Trick Title.

Puppy Class: Level 2

This class is for puppies 5-9 months. We will work on basic manners and obedience. This course is designed to help puppies learn new skills. Puppies will learn how to focus around distractions.

Mind your Manners

This class Is for all dogs over 8 months of age. This class is designed for dogs at the "teenage" stage. You will learn new ways to motivate your dog. This class covers obedience skills, leash skills ,recall and life skills.

Advanced Obedience

This class is for anyone interested in taking their training to the next level.

Reactive Dog/Leash Skills Class

Want to make walks more enjoyable ? this class will give you the skills to help your dog work around distractions.

Obedience 1

This class is for all dogs over 8 months of age. In this class your dog will learn basic obedience, Heeling drills and how so stay engaged with you.

Fit & Fun

This class is a mixture of fitness training, games, obedience and brain games. 
You will learn fun games to play at home with your dog to keep them fit and mentally stimulated.
This is a great class to improve focus, drive and love for play.


Classes Mondays and Wednesdays 

Located at the Red River Doghouse. 

5263 Main Street, St. Andrews, MB

Group Classes

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