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We offer private training, in home training and group classes.

Training Options


Day Training


Dogs spend the day with a trainer. This is for all dogs. The benefit of day training is dogs get to learn at their own pace, there is no rush to train within a short time frame. Every dog who attends will receive an individualized training  guide for owners to refer to. 

Private training is beneficial for dogs learning many skills such a leash skills, placement, house manners and much more.

Private  & Behavioural  Consulting


A trainer will travel to your house or meet at a public setting. Lessons are an hour long and are structured around your dogs needs. 

Walk Together: You pick the location and go for a walk together.

  • This is for dogs who need help with pulling and reactivity. 

Reactive Dog Package: Day Training + Private training bundle $299.00.


Group Classes

145.00 ( tax included)

5 week program, Maximum 6 dogs per class, hour long classes.  See Classes  to get detailed class description, locations, and time.

Puppy Starter Package:  Focuses on training that is going to help puppies have success in the future. We will cover the fundamentals of training while working through unwanted puppy behaviors.

2 days of day training and a group class. $360.00.

Walk Together


A trainer will travel to a destination of your choice and walk with you every step of the walk. 


Overnight Care


This is for the dogs that needs a quiet calm place to stay while you are away. They will get one on one care.  Spaces are very limited.

Stay and Train


Dogs stay with a trainer for 2- 4 weeks. Dogs will live the lives of a trainer’s dog for the period of their stay. They will learn many new skills and get to experience new places and go on new adventures daily. When you pick up your dog the real training starts. This includes follow up home visits group classes and continued help. You will receive updates photos and videos during their stay.

Dog Walker at the Park

Puppy Training

Training designed with the big picture in mind. We want to set puppies up for success in the future.  The goal is to build puppies confidence and teach them how to learn and handle our crazy human world.

Day training: They spend 4-5 hours with a trainer.

Home visit: We help you set up your home for success, and work on specific unwanted puppy behaviors.

Puppy Package: 3 home visits $250.00

Puppy stay and train: 3 days 2 nights- $250.00 (puppies under 6 months)

  • Puppy's get exposed to new dogs, people and places. This stay is about proper socialization and teaching the fundamentals of training. 

Personalized Packages

Leash Skills Course: Is you goal to feel comfortable talking your dog new places?  This course runs for a Month and is jam packed with training and one on one visits. We walk together!

Calm dog course: Day training and behavior consult bundle 299.00

  • If your dog struggles to relax, focus on you when distractions are around or can not handle being left alone this course can help. 

Pack Walks/ Drop in Classes

Pack walks with amazing dogs and people!!!

These walks are a way to provide exposure to new dogs and people in a controlled environment. Walks will be 45 minutes long. If we expect bad weather, we will reschedule for another day. Anyone who has participated in training may attend. If you have not attended training with us, please reach out before signing up.

*You must pre-register for walks*


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